Fred Knapp Music Studio

Now accepting private students on piano and drum set


I love working with children and find that the best age to start them is between six and seven years of age, depending on their level of maturity. There is no age limit, so it’s never to late to start. So, for those of you who have always wanted to learn, this is your chance to make it happen. I enjoy working with beginner through advanced level students and I strive to give them a solid foundation in the skills of sight-reading, theory, and ear-training. I take special pride in instilling in my students a keen awareness of musical details. These include the use of correct posture, technique, the use of dynamics, accents, and the myriad of other musical symbols that make music jump off the page and come alive. I also teach jazz piano techniques to intermediate and advanced players who wish to learn how to improvise and read chord symbols.

Drum set:

As I mentioned above, everyone is welcome to explore the world of the
drum set. However, it is helpful if the student has had some basic snare
drum instruction and has access to a drum set. Students will learn to play different musical styles such as, jazz, rock, latin, and pop. They will also learn to read music for drum set and gain independence of their limbs through a progressive study of coordination exercises. I work with students to expand not just their knowledge of drum set but also of music. I expose them to forms and phrasing that they will encounter in playing situations. Being a full-time professional gives me insight into what it takes to grow and to reach a high level of musicianship that I gladly pass on to my students.

Cost: $25 per half hour

Location: Home studio
2510 Westboro Dr. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Near the intersection of
Maryland and Fulton St.

Education: B.A. in Music Performance with Soc. Minor
from Western Michigan University.

Piano References:
Joe Winegar/ Ben (616)336-9677
Sherry Schuen/ Brendan (616)774-3331
Valerie Williams/ Charlotte
and Trevor (616)643-0586
Maya Rakovic/ Ana (616)915-5848

Drum Set References:
Jerry Claire/David (231)845-1371
Mark Meade (231)780-4800
Tom Davis (616)361-8124


Would you ever believe you would need to ask an outdoorsy,
athletic 12 year boy to “take a break" from his piano practice??
My experience has been the opposite with my older two children
who took piano lessons. You take it for granted that you will
many times need to gently remind a beginning student to practice,
but our son Ben needs no such prodding. He has loved working with Fred from his first lesson two years ago, and has developed a true love of music since then. Fred has instilled a great foundation in music, plus taken time and energy to incorporate the musical styles of play (jazz and blues) that our son is interested in. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit. Last year, Ben decided to take up the bass in the school orchestra program. I think that the piano background has allowed him to quickly learn the instrument, and become one the top musicians in the group. We are very happy with Ben’s progress with the piano, and although we occasionally do ask him to “take a break", the music we hear is very nice, and just gets better and better.

Joe Winegar

Fred is passionate about music and loves to teach his multi-faceted musical talents to young students. He is patient, creative in capturing their attention, and gentle in his methods of correction when the correct notes are missed. Both my son and daughter enjoy having Fred as a mentor and teacher for piano.

Jennifer Ancans